Introducing Metastential

It was heartwarming to see this article praising collaboration on Slate last week since it gets to the core of our mission here at Metastential. We believe that when it comes to Creative Strategy two brains really are better than one, especially when each of those brains challenges and compliments the other. That’s how we […]

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Stranger Things Type Generator

Like the rest of America, I became obsessed with the Netflix original series Stranger Things. I am their target demo: A dude of a certain age who grew up when the story is set; I played Dungeons & Dragons with friends (though I was more of a Axis & Allies guy); and I eventually found […]

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Podcast – Tribes and the Dimensions of Empathy

What’s in a Tribe? Marketers have co-opted the term, but Tom and Derek take on the dimensions of tribe we see today. Often when observing “Tribal” behavior from the outside we are missing the internal structures that can teach us so much about human behavior and motivation. Looking at the ever-present Pokemon Go again as […]

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