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Podcast – Tribes and the Dimensions of Empathy

What’s in a Tribe? Marketers have co-opted the term, but Tom and Derek take on the dimensions of tribe we see today. Often when observing “Tribal” behavior from the outside we are missing the internal structures that can teach us so much about human behavior and motivation. Looking at the ever-present Pokemon Go again as […]

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Role Models for Creativity

I found myself in the middle of a pretty cool opportunity yesterday. Dave Gray likes to play with new technologies, and we were experimenting with a virtual Lean Coffee… getting together to solve some ad-hoc issues. The group was myself, Dave, and Mike Bonifer, CEO  of Gamechangers. Through the magic of dot-voting, the group ended […]

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Millennials and our Expectations

I recently attended a talk by Jullien Gordon who came through town delivering the message about Millennials to HR and management audiences. He gave an engaging talk about this new animal, the one we’re all worried about. Everyone wants to tame the Millennial. They don’t buy cars like they used to… they ride bikes. They […]

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