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I Love Meta.

Once in a while we get a fun example of “meta” and how it works through our digital world. In this case check out this really great set of interactions around amateur art, social networks and recognition. The nascent spark was with an individual sharing some creativity online with minimal expectations. Reddit took the concept […]

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Upon My Departure, And Return, To Facebook

Perhaps it’s because I’ve spent most of my adult life–and all of my professional career–working with large organizations, but I am not a data privacy alarmist. Most large organizations struggle with the basics of digital marketing and technology, never mind some vast conspiracy to manipulate the hearts and minds of the populace. It’s just too […]

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Podcast Ep. 21 – Social Media’s Broken Promise

Back in the early days of social media we used to laugh at clients and nay-sayers who were afraid of “losing control” of a conversation or encountering negative comments. “Pishaw!” we’d reply and then educate them on the value of starting conversations with their customers and followers. After all, the conversations were happening with them […]

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Podcast Ep. 20 – Bubbles Hurt Edition

Coming out of our most recent election cycle, Tom and guest Bryan Rhoads take on the media hangover – what happened during that whole party anyway? We dig into some concepts of mistrust, accountability and the fact that we’re all pleasure-seeking media filters. We have to deal with it.       Bryan also compares […]

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Podcast Ep. 12 – The Personalization Index and Ambient States

Tom and I reminisce about our workshop at last year’s Giant conference in Charleston, South Carolina where we introduced the concept of an ambient state of connectivity. In that workshop we walked folks through the personalization index, created with our friends and colleagues Amanda Bernard and Barb Wallace, and how we’re moving to a new […]

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Have We Created a Monster?

From the not-yet-created How to Be a Good Client files: How to Avoid Creating a Monster. Anyone who has done work-for-hire in a creative field has experienced the frustration and humility of having to “Frankenstein” a solution. We try to avoid it by presenting our favorite solution in a certain order—and no matter what we […]

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