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Mad Men’s Meta Brand Play

Last night’s episode of Mad Men played a particular thread to dark effect. We’re in an age now of a fictional cable TV show based on an advertising agency actually intertwining with known brands in a braid of meta-significance. We’re speaking of course about the recent and lamented passing of one Lane Pryce, a beloved […]

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The Kardashian Unit of Measurement

We’re fascinated with celebrities. It’s arguable that we always have been and with the ability to share our fascination and attention with all the other obsessives out there the focus becomes more intense, yet more distributed. Our celebrity psychosis is viral. What’s particularly (peculiarly?) interesting now though is our ability to measure that psychosis. We […]

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Thank You Facebook Song

Wow, where to begin? Um, this is a music video thanking Facebook, for…um…being Facebook? Dedicated on the day of the social network’s IPO, this song and video have to be heard and seen to be believed. “We Are the World” it ain’t. Learn more on their dedicated Facebook page, natch.

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Strategy: Got one?

Working as a strategist, I am constantly amazed at what passes for business strategy. “We are going to sell more than our competition”, or “We will increase sales in APAC” is NOT a valid strategy. If you find language like this in your documents, you are in trouble. Not many people are aware of what […]

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