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It’s the skills, not the jobs of the future that matter

Overview: Future or Revival? The Future Work Skills 2020 Report seeks to bring into focus critical skills necessary to succeed in the work environment of 2020. Gathering experts in diverse fields such as Education, Technology, Work and Health, the IFTF aggregated data, and applied insights from its own methodology to form this report. This is […]

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Confessing Your Creative Sins

We are human, which means we are inherently faulty. We make mistakes, we make bad decisions, we sometimes commit sins. In the creative world those sins can take the form of committing snark against thy brother or coveting neighbor’s concept. Now there’s a place where you can seek absolution for your creative sins: The Creative […]

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Conditions for Org Change Through Social

Collaborative discovery sessions with clients reveal patterns to the environmental needs of major organizations. We’ve found that is helpful to share with clients a list of socially calibrated attributes that may prompt internal evaluation and change. How does your organization compare with this list? Are you ready to make a transition to managing a socially […]

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