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Yes Men are seriously Meta.

How is that new job in  Corporate Communications coming lately? Big budgets? Huge influence? Big lunches? Oh really? Not that great huh? What’s that? Pranks? Who? Can’t seem to get that message out through the mess? Huh… what was that you were saying? Consider this post on The Good Blog. The Yes Men have jumped […]

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Dialogue over Lunch…

As an experiment, this is a captured chat that we had the other night… We’re trying to find a way to document a live discussion, as the interplay, and how ideas spontaneously form is interesting. Read at your own risk… Tom:  So Derek, at lunch today we had an interesting conversation about Social Media, mixing […]

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Some People Never Shut Up

Jesse Liebman applies some common sense to how we should rate social media as a marketing tool. He reminds us that we all have different types of relationships that require different levels of communication. Just because you can communicate on a minute-by-minute basis doesn’t mean you should. Look at the big picture when analyzing your […]

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