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Lower Boom and Matt Schulte Cope with Post Truth: Storytelling and Disruption

Lower Boom is a launchpad and laboratory for storytellers. Matt Shulte, founder and CEO wants to facilitate storytelling in our new media environment, taking account the large changes in technology, financial and output models. During the podcast we discuss how things have changed. What would a forward thinking film or media studio look like given […]

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Ep. 26 – Check Your Bias

We all carry our biases with us. They are there in the music we listen to, the TV shows we watch, the news sources we trust. We live our lives through experiences that shape us and our views of the world, which naturally creates preferences and biases. But what should we do with our bias […]

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Sarcasm and the Art of F You

Definition of sarcasm 1. 1:  a sharp and often satirical or ironic utterance designed to cut or give pain 2. 2a :  a mode of satirical wit depending for its effect on bitter, caustic, and often ironic language that is usually directed against an individual b :  the use or language of sarcasm Seems silly to try and unpack sarcasm as […]

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Podcast Ep. 24 Matt Morasky and Facilitation

We take it one step farther with Matt Morasky – digging deeper into the act of facilitation, and maintaining the right tone and energy during a session. There are some very valuable reasons to act as a third party, removed from the actual situation. For those who’ve ever had to lead a work event, this […]

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Podcast Ep. 23 Matt Morasky Brings Design-Thinking-Thinking

Matt Morasky exemplifies everything that is right about design thinking. From XPLANE, Matt brings clarity to strategy, with a mix of nuance, creativity, listening and facilitating skills. We break down “Design Thinking” into the methodology for approaching problems in a different or new way. Looking at the user needs first, we drive better outcomes. We review […]

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Ep. 22 Trend Report – The End of the Keyboard

With the rise of interactive, voice-enabled home devices a whole host of new trends appear. If it is indeed the end of the keyboard-driven world as we know it, what’s next? With Amazon Alexa, Google and Siri entering our lives, what are the content, data and search implications when we move past pages, and text […]

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Podcast Ep. 21 – Social Media’s Broken Promise

Back in the early days of social media we used to laugh at clients and nay-sayers who were afraid of “losing control” of a conversation or encountering negative comments. “Pishaw!” we’d reply and then educate them on the value of starting conversations with their customers and followers. After all, the conversations were happening with them […]

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Podcast Ep. 20 – Bubbles Hurt Edition

Coming out of our most recent election cycle, Tom and guest Bryan Rhoads take on the media hangover – what happened during that whole party anyway? We dig into some concepts of mistrust, accountability and the fact that we’re all pleasure-seeking media filters. We have to deal with it.       Bryan also compares […]

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Podcast Ep. 19 – 3D Printing FTW!

Apple did what Apple does by forcing us all to change our ways because… “courage.” Yes, Apple has killed the headphone jack but gave us wireless earbuds. Of course, there must be hundreds of people out there who have already lost one of those earbuds, because…dumb. Leave it to 3D printing to solve the problem […]

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