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Podcast Ep. 14 – Abstraction

What’s going on with technology that we’re getting farther away from the results of our work? Metastential has a chat with Christoph Saxe, Sr. Software Deevloper and Front End Development practice lead at Connective DX, where we discuss the pros and cons of this growing abstraction. We talk about the SDK for Experience, and even […]

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Podcast Ep. 13 – The Object Voice

We’re all pretty familiar with the personal data tools out there, from Fitbit to Mint…we’re tracking more and more about ourselves. But what if we apply goals to all that data tracking? We see it with the evolution of counting steps to tracking those steps against the goal of being able to run a marathon. […]

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Podcast Ep. 12 – The Personalization Index and Ambient States

Tom and I reminisce about our workshop at last year’s Giant conference in Charleston, South Carolina where we introduced the concept of an ambient state of connectivity. In that workshop we walked folks through the personalization index, created with our friends and colleagues Amanda Bernard and Barb Wallace, and how we’re moving to a new […]

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Podcast Ep. 11 – Elements of Story

We recently talked to our good friend Julie Sabey about storytelling and brand, which led us to a deeper consideration of the elements that make up different stories. We’ve identified four distinct storytelling tactics: The McGuffin Callback Creative tension Story arc Elements of Storytelling from Derek Phillips These tactics not only help to drive narratives, […]

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