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Introducing Metastential

It was heartwarming to see this article praising collaboration on Slate last week since it gets to the core of our mission here at Metastential. We believe that when it comes to Creative Strategy two brains really are better than one, especially when each of those brains challenges and compliments the other. That’s how we […]

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The future is in the palm of your hands.

How do you create a mobile strategy? Mobile technologies are driving personal brand interactions with customers, and providing compelling opportunities for relationship development with prospects. Mobile is the 4th screen. It’s always on and always with consumers in a very personal way. Beyond movies, television and the desktop web experience, the ubiquitous nature of Mobile […]

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The Distributed Conversation

This tweet got me thinking about my own music site and how behaviors have changed in the nearly ten years since we launched: RT @jpschuerman: Conversation on corporate blogs is declining—taking place on Twitter, possibly for authentic engagement? #EdelmanSocial We’ve seen he same thing on GLONO. Year after year our readership grows with occasional […]

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SXSWi Still Inspires

I didn’t go to SXSWi this year and I won’t deny that I’m a little bitter about it. I had some conflicting deadlines and priorities and just couldn’t swing it. To salve the wound I went straight into defensive, dismissive mode and wrote the whole thing off as one big Mutual Admiration Society fete where, […]

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What Apple Just Did…A Parody

Apple recently revised their app development guidelines in what sure seems to be a preemptive move to put the kibosh on Adobe’s Flash Compiler much bally-hooed ability to create iPhone apps that would easily translate to other deivices, like…I don’t know…the iPad. So imagine if they applied that same strategy to musicians looking to sell […]

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