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What Is It Influencers Influence?

David Armano brings up a good point in his recent comment to a Media Post article that looks at the actual power of “influencers.” “We really need to re-define influence. I don’t think Dale Carnegie had it it wrong,” Armano tweeted. I think it’s also time to evaluate what it is an influencer influences. Some […]

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Harshing My Social Media Buzz

Toward the end of SXSWi I was letting my jealousy show. I didn’t attend and was getting a little snippy at the fact. But there are lots of events I can’t attend and love to follow the action via other means, mostly Twitter. So why was I crabby about this one? Mainly it’s because the […]

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Demystifying Demand Generation

I’ve been thinking a bit about Demand Generation and the elements that create demand. As such, I’ve been doing some research and have to admit that a lot of what I see comes off as either a lot of theories based on analysis of data and trends (but not much practical application) or straight up […]

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Who Do You Serve?

Being a strategist it’s sometimes easy to get caught up in paralysis by analysis. The data and the insights sometimes swirl around in our heads and overwhelm. The sheer amount of data available today can boggle the mind (literally) and leave you with so many options that it’s hard to choose a path and go […]

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