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The Donald as a Weed-Pushing Chatbot

As we discussed in episode 17 of the Metastential podcast, “Automated Messaging and Screaming Robots,” there’s a growing movement toward automated messaging in marketing that prompts some big questions. Sure, there are lots and lots of valid use cases for automating certain types of messaging, but do we really think we can simply automate relationships with […]

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Mad Men’s Meta Brand Play

Last night’s episode of Mad Men played a particular thread to dark effect. We’re in an age now of a fictional cable TV show based on an advertising agency actually intertwining with known brands in a braid of meta-significance. We’re speaking of course about the recent and lamented passing of one Lane Pryce, a beloved […]

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Lindsey’s Changing Face in 60 Seconds

This is fascinating for a couple of reasons: It’s a wordless story of innocence, opportunity, talent and youth lost; a moving and disturbing example of how imagery and music alone can convey so much. It’s also a clear and damning example of our obsession with celebrity and how we attach ourselves to their larger-than-life stories […]

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Wonderful Wizard of Oz – 1910

This sort of thing is exactly what Metastential is all about: sifting through the digital culture to separate the signal from the noise. We scrape through the layers of technological trends and enhancements like so many coats of paint. Scratch a little here and you see the underlying green; a little there and you find […]

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GEICO goes full Meta

Here at Metastential, we were giggling like schoolboys (that we are) as we dug into Xtranormal, the tool that lets you create talking head videos from text and a few gestures. (more on that in a bit) But we feel totally scooped by those scamps over at GEICO. They’ve managed to make a commercial using […]

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Tweet This…and only this

Entering into the social realm means being comfortable with other people promoting your message. That makes a lot of brands nervous and there have been some instances where I am sure they wish they could put the genie back in the bottle. But even if you can’t control who tweets on your behalf, you can […]

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