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The Ultimate Unmasking

It played out like a modern day detective story: A vague clue inadvertently delivered through an off-hand remark…a series of people connected by name and activities…a false name derived from the target’s personal interests…but did it all add up? In this case, it did. And it ended up being stranger than fiction. This week the […]

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Stranger Things Type Generator

Like the rest of America, I became obsessed with the Netflix original series Stranger Things. I am their target demo: A dude of a certain age who grew up when the story is set; I played Dungeons & Dragons with friends (though I was more of a Axis & Allies guy); and I eventually found […]

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iOS Rebuilt in Word Document…Yes, Word Doc

There’s something oddly compelling and satisfying about watching a man recreate the iOS interface using nothing more than MS Word. Maybe it’s the comeuppance of a meticulously branded “product design” institution? Maybe it’s the Goliath vs. Goliath face-off with uglier giant actually besting its prettier rival with its most pedestrian weapon? Maybe it’s just the […]

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Beauty Held in the Eye of a Master

Everybody loves a good Photoshop Fail. I mean, what’s not to love? The immediate and relatively inexpensive access to “quick fix” edits of photography in the hands of the under-trained masses has given us hilarious results and cringe-worthy brand schadenfreude. But photo editing pre-dates the digital tools that has made it so easy and a […]

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Why Don’t You Just TELL Me the Name Of the Movie?

Fifteen years after the final credits rolled, the show about nothing continues to influence our collective psyche. From declaring ourselves Masters of our Domain to impersonations of Kramer’s impersonation of Moviephone, there’s nary a day (or at least a drunken conversation) that passes without some nod to Seinfeld. But it’s when fans take the minutia […]

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Thank You Facebook Song

Wow, where to begin? Um, this is a music video thanking Facebook, for…um…being Facebook? Dedicated on the day of the social network’s IPO, this song and video have to be heard and seen to be believed. “We Are the World” it ain’t. Learn more on their dedicated Facebook page, natch.

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