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Google Mail’s Content Strategy Win

As soon as I post a quick thing on a Content Strategy miss by Boeing I am greeted by an excellent win from Google and their Gmail Priority Inbox functionality. Not only is it clearly called out in my normal Gmail inbox interface but it’s a video piece that simply walks you through the functionality […]

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Rejuvenation’s Simple Facebook Fan Outreach

I love stuff like this. Portland’s own Rejuvenation is offering special offers tot their Facebook friends. It’s not some revolutionary new advertising or marketing scheme, but a simple use of existing technology to get the word out to where your fans already gather. I’ll be watching to see if the number of fans increases and […]

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Creative Strategy: Red Riding Hood Remix: Innovation Thru Storytelling

Here’s a dynamite presentation from a Creative Director at my old stomping grounds, Critical Mass (Toronto office). Jason Theodor remixes Little red Riding Hood to show how to implement creative storytelling techniques. There’s the story you know, the story you think you know, and there’s the story you haven’t even thought of. By applying some […]

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