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Ways to make progress

Going Mobile

Want to know where the future of the Internet is? It’s likely in your pocket. Mobile web browsing is picking up steam—fast. Not sure this is where the future lies? Just look at the numbers: A year ago, the number of people using mobile devices to access news and information on the Internet more than […]

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Building Your Audience: Smartly

I love this article from The Viral Garden. It’s a simple and sensible explanation of how you build an audience in the “2.0” world. Not surprisingly it’s focused on providing value to your readers, that’s as true of the Tweets and blogs posts you forward as the content you create first-hand. Choice quotes: This is […]

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How Many Degrees Too Far?

In journalism it’s generally accepted that the closer to the source you get the more reliable your reporting is. Primary, named sources are basically as unassailable as you can get—the quality of their information not withstanding. The point it you don’t want too many filters between you and the story.As I browse the marketing blogger […]

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Creating Scarcity: Hot Pockets

Related to my post about content as king and the idea that it’s not the quantity of content that makes it king but the quality, here’s an interesting case study on the practice of forced content scarcity. In a promotion with Second Life competitor Meez, HotPockets created virtual Hot Pockets, as well as t-shirts and […]

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Is Content King Midas?

Everyone loves to spout off this idea that “content is king,” as if simply having content—lots of it—gives you an edge and ensures that the people and their money will soon follow. As the newspaper industry and other old media institutions in the age of blogs and YouTube have discovered, that’s not necessarily true. The […]

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Dialogue, and sharing ideas

When was the last time: • you were truly engaged, interested, and even fascinated by a discussion? • you left a meeting energized and actually thrilled about an exchange of ideas? • you learned something new, about the world or yourself? • you actually listened to someone else, and thought about what was being shared […]

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