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How it all fits together

Role Models for Creativity

I found myself in the middle of a pretty cool opportunity yesterday. Dave Gray likes to play with new technologies, and we were experimenting with a virtual Lean Coffee… getting together to solve some ad-hoc issues. The group was myself, Dave, and Mike Bonifer, CEO  of Gamechangers. Through the magic of dot-voting, the group ended […]

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I Saw The Light

I grew up riding dirt bikes. I’d spend hours upon hours in all manner of weather tearing up the ravine behind my parents’ house in Michigan. Because they wanted me to learn the value of work and a dollar, I had to pay for all of my own maintenance and fuel for the bikes, which […]

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The Kardashian Unit of Measurement

We’re fascinated with celebrities. It’s arguable that we always have been and with the ability to share our fascination and attention with all the other obsessives out there the focus becomes more intense, yet more distributed. Our celebrity psychosis is viral. What’s particularly (peculiarly?) interesting now though is our ability to measure that psychosis. We […]

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How To Win Friends…and a GRAMMY Award

There’s an interesting conversation going on over at one of my favorite music communities and both the topic and the related location are near and dear to my heart. A couple of years ago I helped develop the digital and content strategies for an online community called GRAMMY365 that would serve the members of the […]

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Facebook as the New AOL

Several years ago I had a conversation with a woman who was amazed when I told her that she didn’t need AOL to access the Internet. At the time she’d been paying for AOL when Internet access was available through her cable TV subscription. “I thought AOL was the Internet,” was her reply. It’s funny […]

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Watch More TV

With ABC’s recent foray into interactive television, it begs the question: where is this all going? TV has long been the opiate of the masses. It’s always been a passive activity where we, the viewers, could check out for a bit and simply watch. It’s why we call it the Boob Tube and our relationship […]

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Relevance: The new metric.

Remember when you got started on Facebook? There was that phase a few months into it where every high-school friend was suddenly back on your radar, whether or not there as any reason to have remembered them in the first place. Waves of old and new faces would wash up on the shore of your […]

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Customer Service, eCommerce and Back to the Future

Valerie Maltoni’s Six Ways to Connect with Customers got me thinking: Way back when actual top brands conducted their customer service on a one-on-one basis—you know, tailors, department store employees, etc.—there was something in the idea of knowing your customer. If you were a regular at Hudsons’ flagship department store in Detroit there was likely […]

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