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How it all fits together

Is There and Echo In Here?

Amber at Altitude Branding touches on something I’ve been thinking for a while: what is the point of all these marketing blogs? Who is our audience and what are we trying to say? We’ve established some traction and a rather comfortable community around social media now, replete with some gurus and thought leaders, figureheads, even […]

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Social Media and Scale

I recently met with a client at a large, multi-channel retailer who spoke off-the-cuff about some social media reporting he’d received from another agency. Sure, he told us, it was great that they’d gathered 120,000+ fans on Facebook but that pales in comparison to the millions of unique visitors his flagship site gets in a […]

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Is Content King Midas?

Everyone loves to spout off this idea that “content is king,” as if simply having content—lots of it—gives you an edge and ensures that the people and their money will soon follow. As the newspaper industry and other old media institutions in the age of blogs and YouTube have discovered, that’s not necessarily true. The […]

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Are you a Gear or a Being?

Social Media: Is the time spent doing it for the benefit of your company, or for yourself? This is on everyone’s mind, from the recent Social Media Club PDX meeting, to this Ad Age article by David Armano. The furious reaction on both sides indicates that it is a sore topic for some. The conflict […]

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