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Facebook as the New AOL

Several years ago I had a conversation with a woman who was amazed when I told her that she didn’t need AOL to access the Internet. At the time she’d been paying for AOL when Internet access was available through her cable TV subscription. “I thought AOL was the Internet,” was her reply. It’s funny […]

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Face to Face

Here’s a recent cultural blip I am digging: face blogs. Whether it’s the Faces of the Last Season of Oprah or Pete Campbell’s Bitch Face, I am intrigued by the concept—and apparently others are too. I think I love the focus it brings to an element of a cultural phenomenon and elevates that one element […]

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Watch More TV

With ABC’s recent foray into interactive television, it begs the question: where is this all going? TV has long been the opiate of the masses. It’s always been a passive activity where we, the viewers, could check out for a bit and simply watch. It’s why we call it the Boob Tube and our relationship […]

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The future is in the palm of your hands.

How do you create a mobile strategy? Mobile technologies are driving personal brand interactions with customers, and providing compelling opportunities for relationship development with prospects. Mobile is the 4th screen. It’s always on and always with consumers in a very personal way. Beyond movies, television and the desktop web experience, the ubiquitous nature of Mobile […]

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Going Mobile

Want to know where the future of the Internet is? It’s likely in your pocket. Mobile web browsing is picking up steam—fast. Not sure this is where the future lies? Just look at the numbers: A year ago, the number of people using mobile devices to access news and information on the Internet more than […]

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