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Lower Boom and Matt Schulte Cope with Post Truth: Storytelling and Disruption

Lower Boom is a launchpad and laboratory for storytellers. Matt Shulte, founder and CEO wants to facilitate storytelling in our new media environment, taking account the large changes in technology, financial and output models. During the podcast we discuss how things have changed. What would a forward thinking film or media studio look like given […]

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Podcast Ep.25 – The Difficult Second Album

Tom and Bryan Rhoads discuss content – the importance of narrative, and what’s next. Too often organizations worry about only the next post, article or email blast, when in fact the entire story line is critical. It’s all got to go somewhere. Bryan breaks down story archetypes in light of modern content requirements. Ever wonder […]

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Hey, thanks Canada!

Our more chill sibling to the North has a message for us… “It’s okay, America… don’t freak out…” It’s weirdly nice to hear, as it is one of the few positive items to air recently. We live in a nice neighborhood. Check out the video “As their closest friends and neighbours, we thought it was […]

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Podcast Ep. 11 – Elements of Story

We recently talked to our good friend Julie Sabey about storytelling and brand, which led us to a deeper consideration of the elements that make up different stories. We’ve identified four distinct storytelling tactics: The McGuffin Callback Creative tension Story arc Elements of Storytelling from Derek Phillips These tactics not only help to drive narratives, […]

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It’s the skills, not the jobs of the future that matter

Overview: Future or Revival? The Future Work Skills 2020 Report seeks to bring into focus critical skills necessary to succeed in the work environment of 2020. Gathering experts in diverse fields such as Education, Technology, Work and Health, the IFTF aggregated data, and applied insights from its own methodology to form this report. This is […]

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Porsche and the Pink Pig

What if I told you that one of Porsche’s proudest moments involved a pink race car, that was a pig, would you believe it? With such an image conscious company, it might be hard to grok that once that was true. Back in 1971, the Porsche 917 was the most fearsome competitor on the track. […]

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