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Pluperfect PDA

How was the cel reception in 1928? That was an interesting year for several reasons, but some believe that time travelers selected that year to appear in a Charlie Chaplin film… Original Piece Hearing Amplifier Of course, those crafty time-travelers went back and planted THIS as a cover up. Is a girl carrying a MacBook? […]

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GEICO goes full Meta

Here at Metastential, we were giggling like schoolboys (that we are) as we dug into Xtranormal, the tool that lets you create talking head videos from text and a few gestures. (more on that in a bit) But we feel totally scooped by those scamps over at GEICO. They’ve managed to make a commercial using […]

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Yes Men are seriously Meta.

How is that new job in  Corporate Communications coming lately? Big budgets? Huge influence? Big lunches? Oh really? Not that great huh? What’s that? Pranks? Who? Can’t seem to get that message out through the mess? Huh… what was that you were saying? Consider this post on The Good Blog. The Yes Men have jumped […]

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