Reading List – 9/8/2010

What’s Google Building In There?

Speculation from around the web on today’s announcement re: Google’s Instant Search.

Money quote:

“Another day, another animated Google logo — and with it, a big question: What will Google announce Wednesday to improve the way people use its engine to search the Web?” wonders CNN.

And the payoff…

IDC: Android To Outpace iOS, Smartphone Sales Up 55.4% In 2010

If you’re thinking mobile you better think beyond the iPhone. Android continues to gain on the competition, edging out Apple’s iOS.

Money quote:

The predictions for Google’s fast-growing Android system are part of a broader forecast by IDC predicting smartphone units shipped globally will grow 55.4% this year to nearly 270 million compared to 173.5 million in 2009.

The Thin Line Between Liking a Brand and Liking Its Social Marketing

For smart marketers there’s more to social media than discounts and promotions. Many just want to show their appreciation for your brand, which then promotes your brand to wider audiences.

Money quote:

Consumers who “like” a brand as a means to their own self-expression are by definition brand advocates, and the earned media potential for marketers among these enthusiasts is high. But marketers must remember that a desire for marketing messages—even those that include a good coupon or exclusive offer—is not why everyone is connecting.

3 things you don’t know about Old Spice’s success

People in my business have a love/hate relationship with anything deemed “viral,” and the brilliantly executed Old Spice campaign is no different. We love it because it’s the realization of so much of what we all preach—planning, willingness to fail and move on, integration of disciplines and talents, client-agency trust—but we hate it because too many people misinterpret the true meaning and value of the campaign…never mind the investment.

Money quote:

  • Old Spice’s success was not a lucky break; rather, it was a three-year process
  • In order to succeed virally, you need doses of failure and the willingness to learn from those failures
  • Wieden + Kennedy put creatives, digital strategists, community managers, developers, and editors together to dream up the 186 viral videos

Much is made about how social media and viral marketing are inexpensive and how there’s no media cost for YouTube videos. All true. But let’s be clear; “The Man Your Man Could Smell Like” was no “David After Dentist” accident. This was an extraordinarily intricate and complex campaign made up of TV spots, print advertising, and online display ads, as well as social media. According to Nielsen Monitor-Plus, Old Spice spent approximately $54 million on media in 2006. In 2007 Nielsen estimated approximately $80 million in media spend. It’s a safe assumption that the media buy for 2009 and 2010 was in the hundreds of millions of dollars.

But this wasn’t some weird stroke of genius. This ad was just one in a long line of commercials and creative that the W+K team had been working on for the three years that it had the Old Spice account. As Jason Bagley, creative director at W+K, told Adweek, “We kept turning up the dial, the satire, and the ridiculousness of the category advertising.”

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