Reading List – October 18, 2010

A Deep Dive on Facebook Groups and Their Potential

David Armano takes a look at the newly released (or rather, revised) Facebook Groups and identifies a handful of things you better know about. Armano sees potential for the evolution of social business here, but I think it’ll take a little longer to get beyond the techheads since nobody else even understands the point of FB Groups.

Money quote:

If you have employees who are trusted and part of these communities naturally, you have the opportunity to gather opinions, ask questions, participate and perhaps gain intelligence that makes your products better. Small, high-quality groups would be ideal for this, and the group chat feature could become an interesting tool.

Facebook in Privacy Breach

Another hat tip to Armano for linking to this investigative piece on how some top apps have been playing a little fast and loose with user data. With privacy becoming more and more of a concern for users as the flow of information becomes more and more free, expect to see more stories like this…unfortunately.

Money quote:

The issue affects tens of millions of Facebook app users, including people who set their profiles to Facebook’s strictest privacy settings. The practice breaks Facebook’s rules, and renews questions about its ability to keep identifiable information about its users’ activities secure.

This is Facebook’s Achille’s Heel.

The Beginning of the End of Business As Usual

Brian Solis gets a bit hyperbolic when discussing social business trends and potential, but he’s right that the ability to reinsert people into your business dealings means you’ll have deeper—hence, more profitable—relationships with your customers. Imagine how great it would be to call a help center and talk to a HUMAN without having to first navigate a maze of automated questions. Heaven…

Money quote:

Words are just that…words. Our ability to transform and adapt based on what we hear, feel, and learn will earn us relevance and community in order to compete for the future, today.

Why Groupon is No Ebay

Michael Arrington takes a bit of the sheen off of everyone’s favorite shiny object and in the process points out the obvious. Of course Groupon isn’t eBay—there are FAR fewer sellers for Groupon since it’s B2C vs eBay’s model of C2C, which means there are hundreds of millions of potential sellers in the US alone. Still, this is a good read for anyone interested in how this start-up could already be valued at over $1 billion.

Money quote:

What can Groupon do to avoid having their margins crushed by competitors? Establish generous revenue sharing relationships with distribution partners, fast. And that appears to be exactly what they’re doing. In the next several weeks the company will likely announce partnerships with Yahoo and CitySearch, we’ve learned.

Oh, and one more partner, too. And that partner will be…eBay.

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