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Ep. 27 - What Energy Do You Bring to Problem Solving?

What energy do you bring to problem solving? Are you the type who loves a good challenge and just digs in? Do you get frustrated by the seemingly never-ending train of issues? Or are you someone who needs to know WHY before you dig in? We’ll discuss it all and some tactics for shifting the […]Read More »

Ep. 26 - Check Your Bias

We all carry our biases with us. They are there in the music we listen to, the TV shows we watch, the news sources we trust. We live our lives through experiences that shape us and our views of the world, which naturally creates preferences and biases. But what should we do with our bias […]Read More »

Sarcasm and the Art of F You

Definition of sarcasm 1. 1:  a sharp and often satirical or ironic utterance designed to cut or give pain 2. 2a :  a mode of satirical wit depending for its effect on bitter, caustic, and often ironic language that is usually directed against an individual b :  the use or language of sarcasm Seems silly to try and unpack sarcasm as […]Read More »

Podcast Ep. 24 Matt Morasky and Facilitation

We take it one step farther with Matt Morasky – digging deeper into the act of facilitation, and maintaining the right tone and energy during a session. There are some very valuable reasons to act as a third party, removed from the actual situation. For those who’ve ever had to lead a work event, this […]Read More »

Podcast Ep. 23 Matt Morasky Brings Design-Thinking-Thinking

Matt Morasky exemplifies everything that is right about design thinking. From XPLANE, Matt brings clarity to strategy, with a mix of nuance, creativity, listening and facilitating skills. We break down “Design Thinking” into the methodology for approaching problems in a different or new way. Looking at the user needs first, we drive better outcomes. We review […]Read More »

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