Podcast Ep. 14 – Abstraction

codeimageWhat’s going on with technology that we’re getting farther away from the results of our work? Metastential has a chat with Christoph Saxe, Sr. Software Deevloper and Front End Development practice lead at Connective DX, where we discuss the pros and cons of this growing abstraction. We talk about the SDK for Experience, and even delve into the “Fuzzy Chainsaw.” You gotta hear this.

There are layers of technology that are inserting themselves into our creative stream, resulting in better possible alignment and re-use when in production, but what about when we’re being creative? ¬†Development efficiency picks up, but does this represent the new “assembly line?” Or is normalizing a process a way to spark new creativity?

Also Christoph give us a peek into the infinite variations when it comes to web development.  Who knew?

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