Podcast – Pokemon GO and the Goose That Laid the Golden Egg

pokemon-go-pikachuDerek’s Four Rules for Engagement come into play again as we discuss Pokemon GO. Marketers have an opportunity, but it’s going to take adherence to a few guidelines¬†to make it successful. Don’t be that guy… read the article here.

And of course, listen to our podcast…


Here’s some fun Pokemon #meta too.

pokewalk-thumb-633x303-482108The most ironic innovations around Pokemon Go…

Most Ridiculous Ways People Are Getting Out of Walking in Pokemon GO

Pokemon driver catches a tree…

Is is a Psy-Ops conspiracy?

Is Pokémon Go a Blessing or Curse for Historic Sites and Museums?

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Theme music is “Endlessly Awake” written by Josh Boisvert with INDIANHEAD.



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