Podcast – Tribes and the Dimensions of Empathy

TribalVillageWhat’s in a Tribe? Marketers have co-opted the term, but Tom and Derek take on the dimensions of tribe we see today. Often when observing “Tribal” behavior from the outside we are missing the internal structures that can teach us so much about human behavior and motivation. Looking at the ever-present Pokemon Go again as an example of tribal behavior, we dig in to look for what else we can learn. Also some fun callbacks to our favorite cultural icon, Admiral Stockdale.

We also talk about what goes into “Tribe,” referring to something like this…



Check out the Stockdale skit…StockdaleSNL


The Metastential podcast is supported by Connective DX, a digital experience agency in Portland, Oregon.

Theme music is “Endlessly Awake,” written by Josh Boisvert with INDIANHEAD.

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