Podcast Ep. 12 – The Personalization Index and Ambient States

Giant Marquee

Tom and I reminisce about our workshop at last year’s Giant conference in Charleston, South Carolina where we introduced the concept of an ambient state of connectivity. In that workshop we walked folks through the personalization index, created with our friends and colleagues Amanda Bernard and Barb Wallace, and how we’re moving to a new inflection point: The Ambient State.

All of us have connected devices on our person, and those devices are communicating with each other at all time, and our behalf. That means data is being compiled about that communication and our behaviors based on that communication. And THAT means we have a new universe of opportunity, but also a new universe of risk. We dig in to both.

Speaking of ambient…I LOVE this project that mashes up the police scanner of a selected city with Soundcloud music tagged as “ambient” from the same city.


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