Facebook: You’ve Got Mail

So there’s a lot of chatter out there today about Facebook’s announcement that they’re getting into the email game (sort of).

Here’s what we know…

If this rolls out as Facebook founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg envisions it then we might just say goodbye to email as we know it since he says Facebook believes that modern messaging is seamless, informal, immediate, personal, simple and minimal. Zuckerberg says “it’s not email” and then promptly rolls our Fac

ebook.com emails to all users? Hmmm…

via Business Insider

Facebook far outpaces all email providers in sheer traffic as this graph shows and Zuckerberg claims more than a billion messages are sent through Facebook each day, so it was probably a matter of time before they broke out beyond the walls and into the ether.

Here’s what we don’t know…

Facebook has had…well…a less-than-stellar track record in protecting its users’ data so will people really migrate there and away from Yahoo and Gmail en masse?

Will Facebook mine the messages in order to serve relevant advertising to users like they do with their publicly posted wall messages, status updates and comments? Will users be OK with that?

As with everything this 800 pound blue and white gorilla does, there will be plenty of hemming and hawing and criticism and paranoia, but one thing is for sure: Facebook will continue its drive to BE the Internet…or at least how people interact with it.

Originally posted on the New Ideas blog.

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