Introducing Metastential

It was heartwarming to see this article praising collaboration on Slate last week since it gets to the core of our mission here at Metastential. We believe that when it comes to Creative Strategy two brains really are better than one, especially when each of those brains challenges and compliments the other. That’s how we work, it’s how we choose to look at the digital world.

We think that there is a new trend in creative thinking…recognizing the collaborative and sharing aspect that partnerships bring.  Up until now much of our creative spaces have been filled with individual blogs, personal tweets…all about “me.”  We’re interested in what “we” can create.

There’s so much information out there that all contributes to our collective thinking that it’s tough to even know WHAT you should pay attention to, never mind HOW you’re supposed to interpret it.  It’s that sifting of the signal from the noise that we intend to do here. Each of us has a unique perspective on what we’re reviewing, of course, so you get the benefit of multiple angles and insight.

We don’t consider ourselves experts, we consider ourselves students. That attitude ensures we keep an open mind and a curious approach to whatever we see. At the same time, we’ve been in the business for a while now and can speak with some experience. It’s the blending of that curiosity and experience that we think will be valuable. So we’re going the Siskel-Ebert route…perhaps you’ll find the space between the minds interesting and compelling.

And so we launch Metastential. If you like what you see we hope you’ll tell your friends and colleagues. We also hope you’ll join the conversation. Let’s get Meta!

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