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Like the rest of America, I became obsessed with the Netflix original series Stranger Things. I am their target demo: A dude of a certain age who grew up when the story is set; I played Dungeons & Dragons with friends (though I was more of a Axis & Allies guy); and I eventually found my way to all of the music that makes up the show’s soundtrack. And, of course, I love Winona Ryder.

But there was something else that absolutely captivated me about the show, and it was immediate but had nothing to do with the story. I LOVED the title sequence, and more specifically, the title font. Well, it turns out I am not alone.

A handful of articles have now popped up that examine the font, its storied past in horror and science fiction, and why we love it so.

Collider has a great write-up that also features some previous examples you’re sure to recognize.

As does Inverse.

But the absolute BEST is this title generator, apparently created by Chicago creative studio Nelson Cash. It’s simple: Turn any two lines of copy into the Stranger Things font.

I might need to get a tattoo off this. Better yet, one that reads “Winona Forever!”

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