Breaking Bad’s Brilliant Star Trek Script Animated

While not a contributor, I am a fan of fan fiction. I love the whole concept of it. The idea that fans can take a story and characters and create their own twists and turns is entirely metastential. To see a show that people are absolutely obsessed with incorporate into their story the fan fiction of another show people are absolutely obsessed with…well, that is just brilliant.

If you’re not caught up on Breaking Bad, fear not: there are NO spoilers here. Unless you count as a spoiler the revelation that Skinny Pete and Badger are consistently the much-needed comedic relief in a show that dazzles with its ability to tighten and loosen Aristotle’s dramatic threads.

Take for example Badger’s left-turn into a Star Trek script he’s “written” (he just needs to get it on paper) that he dictates to Skinny Pete’s delight while their pal and benefactor Jesse Pinkman suffers through an existential crisis in a show that is ALL about the gray areas of ethics and the decay of people’s morality. If you haven’t seen it, can you imagine it? Well, you don’t have to because some genius has ANIMATED it!

This is why the Internet rules, guys. This right here.


VIA my equally brilliant pal Julie Sabey

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