I Love Meta.

Once in a while we get a fun example of “meta” and how it works through our digital world.


ZONM6JWKJRG2FMJ6ALRI4KUNBQIn this case check out this really great set of interactions around amateur art, social networks and recognition. The nascent spark was with an individual sharing some creativity online with minimal expectations. Reddit took the concept and users began to post their versions of the same image, with the original contained within – a bit like a hand painted Russian Doll.

What’s interesting is the pursuit of recognition, and being “in” on the meme. Think of the WORK it took to participate. In the right conditions is there no limit to that valuable devotion?

Travis Simpson saw what was going on and wanted in. He said he knew artists everywhere were painting fast so they could get their painting up before others could. He stayed up all night to paint the latest iteration, then posted a photo, writing on Reddit, “When it sinks in that I stayed up most of the night to paint a meme for internet points…


We all do this to some degree. There is a sense of piling on, jumping in before all the magic is spent – Currency.

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