inFORM Brings Physical and Digital World Together

One of the most intriguing areas of interest for me is the steps being taken to bridge the gap between the digital and physical worlds. Google Glass may be a bit obnoxious in practice today but the potential for technology like that is astonishing. Watching my son play on his Xbox Kinect is another insight into the possibilities before us. I mean, he can jump around my basement smashing buildings as a giant monster and things actually get smashed on screen!

Those are just a couple examples of the physical world affecting the digital world, but what about the other way? Enter inFORM, which is described as a “Dynamic Shape Display” where a user’s actions in a digital interface can be represented in the physical world. It’s kind of like those Pinhead gadgets we all bought at Spencer’s in the 80s, but actually useful.

The applications right now are pretty limited, but imagine what you’ll be able to do once the fidelity improves and those chunky blocks are tiny pins or grains of sand!

Watch the video and let your imagination run wild.

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