iOS Rebuilt in Word Document…Yes, Word Doc

iOS7 completely reconstructed in a Word document.

iOS7 completely reconstructed in a Word document.

There’s something oddly compelling and satisfying about watching a man recreate the iOS interface using nothing more than MS Word. Maybe it’s the comeuppance of a meticulously branded “product design” institution? Maybe it’s the Goliath vs. Goliath face-off with uglier giant actually besting its prettier rival with its most pedestrian weapon? Maybe it’s just the simple fact that somebody actually DID this?

The biggest complaint regarding iOS7 is its uncanny resemblance to Windows products around the turn of the millennium. Designer Vaclav Krejci has taken it upon himself to kind of deconstruct this, one of Apple’s most polarizing releases, with the very elements that have led to all the hullabaloo. The comparisons are astonishing and make me wonder if some iOS designers weren’t copying and pasting some of their designs from an undergrad project they had laying around on a Zip disk somewhere.

Just…watch for yourself.

VIA Gizmodo

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