It’s the End of the World As We Know It

Good brand advertising doesn’t just sell you on a product or service, it evokes feeling. The best stuff actually acts as a catalyst for our collective consciousness. If that’s the case and the Superbowl is the annual showcase for our cultural id, then we are in a hell of a funk.

Extending the vibe of their universally hailed “Imported from Detroit” theme that launched with a brilliant spot for the Chrysler 200, the Motor City’s comeback kid enlisted a man whose been knocked down a time or two himself (or, his characters have): Clint Eastwood. This time the legitimately toughest man in Hollywood takes on the role of America’s Head Coach by reminding us that we’ve faced tough times before and as Americans, that don’t mean shit. With a peculiar twist on Ronald Reagan’s “Morning in America,” Clint rallies the team with tough words, gauzy images and a reminder that “It’s half-time in America too.” While I love the idea that we as a nation are poised to rally yet again and show the world what we’re capable of, it’s hard not to also note that Chrysler has essentially pin-pointed our nation’s half-life to…now. Or as Scott Smith so eloquently tweeted, “Someone wants you to forget that Clint Eastwood says America will end in 2248.”

Well, whether you believe Clint or the Mayan calendar, Chevy wants to make sure you’re in one of their rigs when it all goes down. Yes, the world has come crumbling down and all of your friends and family are dead, but at least you’ll witness the rapture from the rugged but comfy confines of your Silverado. While its claims to be “the most dependable, longest lasting full size pickup on the road” continue to tweak Ford, who say they have the most trucks on the road with 250,00+ miles behind them, it’s hard to argue when you see a blemish-free pick-em-up truck emerge from the ruins.

So what’s it all say? I’m not sure but I can assure you that I am stocking up on bottled water, ammunition and Every Which Way But Loose DVDs…just so I am prepared.


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