Mad Men’s Meta Brand Play

Last night’s episode of Mad Men played a particular thread to dark effect. We’re in an age now of a fictional cable TV show based on an advertising agency actually intertwining with known brands in a braid of meta-significance.

We’re speaking of course about the recent and lamented passing of one Lane Pryce, a beloved character with ineffable charm, a good schoolboy right hook, and the misfortune to rely on Don Draper for succor and support in a time of need.

The Jaguar brand (and Dow) are now playing major roles in the show, and last night the Jag’s own popular mythology pushed back and determined the final outcome for poor old Lane.  With it’s six Solex carbs, the E-type wouldn’t start in a cold garage, and Lane was forced to forego the supreme irony and go to Plan B…the old electrical cord above the door trick.

Here’s an interesting article on Jaguar’s own PR and Marketing people reacting to the ‘bad press’ as presented in the show. Has their brand been co-opted  or supported with this latest go around with the Madison Avenue Lads? The cars sure are pretty…

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