The Donald as a Weed-Pushing Chatbot

"The Donald" Chatbot

As we discussed in episode 17 of the Metastential podcast, “Automated Messaging and Screaming Robots,” there’s a growing movement toward automated messaging in marketing that prompts some big questions. Sure, there are lots and lots of valid use cases for automating certain types of messaging, but do we really think we can simply automate relationships with our customers? Some of us do.

Set aside the ludicrous concept of a Donald Trump chatbot stumping for pot, there’s a message buried in this story from CMS Wire that hits at the heart of the discussion:

“Although still in beta, we believe we are developing the future of sales and customer service,” he explained, adding that an AI powered chatbot that can speak intimately with a thousand consumers at once can replace vast rooms full of customer service representatives.

The developers of “The Donald” believe they can automate most, if not all of their customer service experience. By leveraging Facebook’s Messenger platform, recently opened up to businesses, Bang Digital Media believes their Trump-bot is the perfect entrées to both potential weed buyers and automated customer service. And it might not be as crazy as you think.

“Why base call-centers overseas where people with accents speak robotically from scripts when you can have an American made bot tirelessly deliver the perfect sales pitch, at a fraction of the cost?” Steve Berke, CEO of Bang Holdings asked.

Good question I am sure some bot could answer.

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