Tide Owns Joke Made at Their Expense and Laughs Last

Now this is how you own a joke made at your expense. When The Onion had a little fun with digital marketing’s obsession with integrated campaigns, viral videos and irony, the target of the joke, Tide detergent and agency partner Digitas, decided to wear the joke as a badge of honor—and also try to eek out some exposure in the process (natch!).

The article in question described a fictional “viral” campaign with Tide employing Poison lead singer Brett Michaels to sing some dopey lyrics to a room full of stuffed animals. Get it? It’s quirky, it’s fun, it’s ironic! The sad truth is that it could have easily been an actual campaign given the pseudo-Dada wrath Old Spice Guy has wrought.

And so Digitas decided to run with it by shooting exactly the video clip described in the article. It hasn’t yet gone “viral” but it does show that the brand has a sense of humor and who doesn’t love that?

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