Tweet This…and only this

Entering into the social realm means being comfortable with other people promoting your message. That makes a lot of brands nervous and there have been some instances where I am sure they wish they could put the genie back in the bottle.

But even if you can’t control who tweets on your behalf, you can certainly help to shape what they’re tweeting. Case in point: a handy bit of code from Clicktotweet that allows publishers to embed links in articles that pre-populate the user’s tweets on click. You can use the Clicktotweet’s interface to generate the links and then simply embed them as hyper-links.

The phrase is hyperlinked to pre-populate the reader's tweets.

I stumbled across this while reading an article (highly recommended, by the way) on Content Strategy, which is appropriate enough. Social sharing is effective when it’s easy. What’s easier than clicking a link to tweet? And what’s better for propagating your message than having people use your own words?

The phrase, link and hashtag are there for the tweeting.

Tweet this article and take it Metastential.

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