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The Donald as a Weed-Pushing Chatbot

As we discussed in episode 17 of the Metastential podcast, “Automated Messaging and Screaming Robots,” there’s a growing movement toward automated messaging in marketing that prompts some big questions. Sure, there are lots and lots of valid use cases for automating certain types of messaging, but do we really think we can simply automate relationships with […]

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Undermining Political Advertising

I often say that the old advertising paradigm of Interrupt – Repeat is over. While some online advertisers are fighting that for all their worth with pop-over ads and other user annoyances, the facts are that people can opt out of advertising—and they are at increasing rates. But it’s not just online viewers who are […]

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Reading List – 9/8/2010

What’s Google Building In There? Speculation from around the web on today’s announcement re: Google’s Instant Search. Money quote: “Another day, another animated Google logo — and with it, a big question: What will Google announce Wednesday to improve the way people use its engine to search the Web?” wonders CNN. And the payoff…

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Creative Review: Cullman Liquidation Center

In an advertising saturated world, how do you stand out? Sometimes it means taking risks, thinking creatively and having some fun. Robert Lee knows how to stand out. The owner operator of a liquidation center and mobile home reseller in Cullman, Alabama struck internet gold when his small company was chosen to create an online […]

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