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Podcast Ep. 11 – Elements of Story

We recently talked to our good friend Julie Sabey about storytelling and brand, which led us to a deeper consideration of the elements that make up different stories. We’ve identified four distinct storytelling tactics: The McGuffin Callback Creative tension Story arc Elements of Storytelling from Derek Phillips These tactics not only help to drive narratives, […]

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Google Mail’s Content Strategy Win

As soon as I post a quick thing on a Content Strategy miss by Boeing I am greeted by an excellent win from Google and their Gmail Priority Inbox functionality. Not only is it clearly called out in my normal Gmail inbox interface but it’s a video piece that simply walks you through the functionality […]

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Project Launch: GRAMMY365

I am proud to announce the launch of GRAMMY365.com, the online community and exclusive portal for members of the National Academy of Recording Arts & Sciences (NARAS), the organization who awards The GRAMMY. The public-facing portion of the site has information on the Academy’s various outreach programs, charitable activities and legislative action on the behalf […]

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Case Study: Hot Off the Grill

I am researching some awareness programs for a client and in doing so came across this case study on a project of mine from Critical Mass. The Hot Off the Grill advergame put the user behind the grill to serve all their hungry guests by matching icons and clearing the grill. Ads for SUPERVALU stores […]

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Building Your Audience: Smartly

I love this article from The Viral Garden. It’s a simple and sensible explanation of how you build an audience in the “2.0” world. Not surprisingly it’s focused on providing value to your readers, that’s as true of the Tweets and blogs posts you forward as the content you create first-hand. Choice quotes: This is […]

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How Many Degrees Too Far?

In journalism it’s generally accepted that the closer to the source you get the more reliable your reporting is. Primary, named sources are basically as unassailable as you can get—the quality of their information not withstanding. The point it you don’t want too many filters between you and the story.As I browse the marketing blogger […]

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