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Creating Scarcity: Hot Pockets

Related to my post about content as king and the idea that it’s not the quantity of content that makes it king but the quality, here’s an interesting case study on the practice of forced content scarcity. In a promotion with Second Life competitor Meez, HotPockets created virtual Hot Pockets, as well as t-shirts and […]

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Is Content King Midas?

Everyone loves to spout off this idea that “content is king,” as if simply having content—lots of it—gives you an edge and ensures that the people and their money will soon follow. As the newspaper industry and other old media institutions in the age of blogs and YouTube have discovered, that’s not necessarily true. The […]

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Rejuvenation’s Simple Facebook Fan Outreach

I love stuff like this. Portland’s own Rejuvenation is offering special offers tot their Facebook friends. It’s not some revolutionary new advertising or marketing scheme, but a simple use of existing technology to get the word out to where your fans already gather. I’ll be watching to see if the number of fans increases and […]

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Urban Fresh Launches

Urban Fresh Once again, we had a super tight turnaround and media to support so we had to act fast. Urban Fresh is a new store in the Chicago area–a test for Jewel-Osco and an interesting case study in targeting a very specific demographic. As such, we actually had some room to explore new ways […]

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I Love My Cub

We had a very last minute, quick hit sort of request from the client to help promote an anniversary promotion. Our idea, a “Where’s Waldo” sort of digital treasure hunt where users would upload images of “I Love My Cub” stickers they spot around town. The pitch was such a hit that it’s expanded to […]

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Pondering Life’s Big Questions

A colleague of mine at Critical Mass just delivered a presentation that prompted a fascinating question: is Information Architecture worth saving? The question is posed because of the vagueness surrounding the discipline and its future. With alternative navigational schemes that rely less on architecture and more on tagging or user feedback, how important will Information […]

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