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BYD’s Vision Is…WEIRD

This is an amazing video. I mean really, can you argue with, ““Mankind has to swallow his fruit of evil from crazy conquest?” The question is: do these guys do it on purpose? This Chinese auto maker’s press conferences are apparently well-attended, which is more than some foreign upstarts can say.

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Walk Into the Light; All Are Welcome

I love that Jesse Rosten acknowledges right up front that this isn’t necessarily a practical solution or use for iPads. I mean, why must everything be practical? Sometimes innovation just is. The practicality of the invention sometimes comes later, with revisions and refinement. The saying is “Necessity is the mother of invention.” Practicality isn’t mentioned. […]

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Glenn Beck is Metastential

Glenn Beck is a master of mashing conspiracy with paranoia with populism with angst with historical distortions. Glenn Beck is totally metastential. So it’s with a bit of glee that we post these recent cartoon mash-ups that even Glenn himself has described as “the best propaganda” he’d ever seen. He then notes that he believes […]

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