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Reading List – 9/8/2010

What’s Google Building In There? Speculation from around the web on today’s announcement re: Google’s Instant Search. Money quote: “Another day, another animated Google logo — and with it, a big question: What will Google announce Wednesday to improve the way people use its engine to search the Web?” wonders CNN. And the payoff…

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Relevance: The new metric.

Remember when you got started on Facebook? There was that phase a few months into it where every high-school friend was suddenly back on your radar, whether or not there as any reason to have remembered them in the first place. Waves of old and new faces would wash up on the shore of your […]

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Google Mail’s Content Strategy Win

As soon as I post a quick thing on a Content Strategy miss by Boeing I am greeted by an excellent win from Google and their Gmail Priority Inbox functionality. Not only is it clearly called out in my normal Gmail inbox interface but it’s a video piece that simply walks you through the functionality […]

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