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New Tiger Woods Commercial: Earl and Tiger

People make mistakes. People do dumb things. People are selfish and inconsiderate. People are imperfect. It’s when that imperfection is highlighted so starkly from people who are elevated by marketing and media to near perfection that we tend to recoil with even more shock and indignation. Countless politicians know that. Movie stars know that. And […]

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What Is It Influencers Influence?

David Armano brings up a good point in his recent comment to a Media Post article that looks at the actual power of “influencers.” “We really need to re-define influence. I don’t think Dale Carnegie had it it wrong,” Armano tweeted. I think it’s also time to evaluate what it is an influencer influences. Some […]

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Building Your Audience: Smartly

I love this article from The Viral Garden. It’s a simple and sensible explanation of how you build an audience in the “2.0” world. Not surprisingly it’s focused on providing value to your readers, that’s as true of the Tweets and blogs posts you forward as the content you create first-hand. Choice quotes: This is […]

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Demystifying Demand Generation

I’ve been thinking a bit about Demand Generation and the elements that create demand. As such, I’ve been doing some research and have to admit that a lot of what I see comes off as either a lot of theories based on analysis of data and trends (but not much practical application) or straight up […]

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