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I Saw The Light

I grew up riding dirt bikes. I’d spend hours upon hours in all manner of weather tearing up the ravine behind my parents’ house in Michigan. Because they wanted me to learn the value of work and a dollar, I had to pay for all of my own maintenance and fuel for the bikes, which […]

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The Kardashian Unit of Measurement

We’re fascinated with celebrities. It’s arguable that we always have been and with the ability to share our fascination and attention with all the other obsessives out there the focus becomes more intense, yet more distributed. Our celebrity psychosis is viral. What’s particularly (peculiarly?) interesting now though is our ability to measure that psychosis. We […]

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Lindsey’s Changing Face in 60 Seconds

This is fascinating for a couple of reasons: It’s a wordless story of innocence, opportunity, talent and youth lost; a moving and disturbing example of how imagery and music alone can convey so much. It’s also a clear and damning example of our obsession with celebrity and how we attach ourselves to their larger-than-life stories […]

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Robot, by Jim Henson

When I was a kid my parents took my sister and I to Autoworld in Flint, Michigan. It was supposed to be an amusement park dedicated to educating the world on the importance and innovation of the auto industry. One of the first things visitors saw upon entering the complex was a robot that welcomed […]

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Walk Into the Light; All Are Welcome

I love that Jesse Rosten acknowledges right up front that this isn’t necessarily a practical solution or use for iPads. I mean, why must everything be practical? Sometimes innovation just is. The practicality of the invention sometimes comes later, with revisions and refinement. The saying is “Necessity is the mother of invention.” Practicality isn’t mentioned. […]

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