Are you a Gear or a Being?

Social Media: Is the time spent doing it for the benefit of your company, or for yourself? This is on everyone’s mind, from the recent Social Media Club PDX meeting, to this Ad Age article by David Armano.

The furious reaction on both sides indicates that it is a sore topic for some. The conflict between self and company indicates that our economy is undergoing a change. The “industrial” society and the social contract indicates that when punched in on the clock,  we are part of a company. We are supposed to function as a gear in the overall system. Though a glacial shift is happening, as the industrial age is giving way to the social age. It indicates that we as people have input, and function individually, and as part of organizations. There is much more of this to come, as we consider new ways of organizing that aren’t necessarily part of a company, but as ad-hoc groups of individuals.

I had a talk with Kelly Feller last night about this, and how Intel chooses to handle it. She takes the view that person and company is integrated, and she accepts people as individuals warts and all. Social media is about relationships, and we have relationships with people. The other end of it is that we do have to think about what we share, as there is such a thing as oversharing. But for me that is the same for all social interactions.

We don’t just blurt out everything we think. -or should we?

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