Building Your Audience: Smartly

I love this article from The Viral Garden. It’s a simple and sensible explanation of how you build an audience in the “2.0” world. Not surprisingly it’s focused on providing value to your readers, that’s as true of the Tweets and blogs posts you forward as the content you create first-hand.

Choice quotes:

This is how you gain subscribers and Twitter followers; you follow people smarter than you are, and you point other people toward these smart people. That is it. These people make YOU smarter, which means you create more VALUABLE content for your blog’s subscribers. When you point to the smart work that these people create, that creates value for your Twitter followers.

I am creating valuable content and pointing readers/followers toward valuable content that others have created. And as I take in more of this smart content, it improves the quality of the content *I* create. I don’t care if the content I find is coming from an ‘A-Lister’, if I think it’s smart, I share it.

But of course! It seems like common sense but too often we’re so wrapped up in who has the hand that we leave the Two Guard open (sorry it’s a basketball analogy).

Just like good leaders in the real world, we’re as good as the people with whom we surround ourselves. If you think you’re the smartest guy in the room, you’re probably not.

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