How Many Degrees Too Far?

In journalism it’s generally accepted that the closer to the source you get the more reliable your reporting is. Primary, named sources are basically as unassailable as you can get—the quality of their information not withstanding. The point it you don’t want too many filters between you and the story.

As I browse the marketing blogger landscape I see a lot of noise and a lot of filters. I get and appreciate the social aspect of this but at what point do we…well, lose the point?

Consider a recent email I received from Marketing Profs linking me to a post on Dave Saunders’ Be The Brand blog that links to Perry Belcher’s video on Twitter Snobbery. Adding this post to the lineage and we’re now talking about four degrees of separation from the source of this conversation. Would it be more beneficial for us all to simply comment on the original video or are we adding value somehow by blogging 400 words on the same subject from different angles?


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