Podcast – Disconnected from Social Media and Experience Strategy Explained

pullplugWhat’s it mean to disconnect from Social for a while? What drives us to pack up our Barbies and head home for the day? Tom and Derek investigate what drives us off, and maybe back onto, the socials. We also get into a deeper conversation about the role of Experience Strategist, and how it differs from Social Media Evangelist. Our work at Connective DX leads us into the corporate structure to drive change, where what we used to do was to drive social media engagement. These have become different things over time – different departments and different layers of focus.¬†

And almost as if it were planned this way, a post recently in NY Magazine touches on many of the same topics, with the unfortunate but all-too-common twist of sexism online:

Goodbye to All That Twitter

So, while we can talk about the sheer volume of information coming through our feeds and the metastential crisis that can create, there’s so much more to discuss in relation to the tone of the conversations we’re creating online. Are we all slowly losing our minds…or at least our humanity?

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