The future is in the palm of your hands.

How do you create a mobile strategy?
Mobile technologies are driving personal brand interactions with customers, and providing compelling opportunities for relationship development with prospects.

Mobile is the 4th screen.
It’s always on and always with consumers in a very personal way. Beyond movies, television and the desktop web experience, the ubiquitous nature of Mobile all over the globe presents a huge opportunity to reach out to customers in a new and more personally relevant way. It is a technology that leapfrogs others, creating new opportunities where there were none before. For many people on the planet this not only constitutes their first telephone experience, but also their first personal computing experience. In the past year alone, the total number of smartphone subscribers increased 72% quarter-over-quarter, growing from 15 million subscribers in Q2 2008 to 26 million in Q2 2009.* This growth will far outstrip the number of web enabled computers.
The future of personal computing is in mobile.
With the advent of the iPad and other tablet systems, there is now a rush to develop distributed experiences that can make the same use of a vibrant, monetized ecosystem. Social networks now work to build connections manually, but mobile devices will soon automatically feed location and contact data to build a form of automatic relevance, ranking connections and providing a fascinating data channel to marketers.
These opportunities present the next horizon in marketing.
Today’s online customers want to take their experiences with them. It is not about creating a website that degrades to a mobile browser, but building a unique set of mobile principles that support this personal intimacy, and the unique use-cases that come with a personal device. Brands that can grasp this difference, and can develop meaningful relationships with individuals will excel in this new mobile age.

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